Hide and Seek Kureeji abareru

Art by: KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart Kureeji in her version of "Hide and Seek" Originally sun by Vocaloid SeeU

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A fanmade creation. Hageshi, Kureiji, in translation, means violent and crazy. She is a creation of KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart and has yet to be determined an official voice so far. She is also known as "The Psychopathic Vocaloid" by her creator.

Kureiji's outfit consists of a pale maroon shawl, a sleeveless pink shirt with a white shirt underneath, a bead bracelt on her left hand, two bead hair pins on her back left side of her head with two long flaring pigtails in a bunch, a pale maroon skirt and with school gril type shoes that are faded purple.

Kureeji abareru part 2

Mischevious cat, a song about a mischievous cat girl always running amok and having fun that causes trouble for the humans she meets

Hageshi, KureijiEdit

Name: Kureiji

Last name: Hageshi

Age: 16-17

Rugrats theory part 2

Kureeji in her version of "Rugrat's Theory" Art by:KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart

Height: 5' 6"

Hair: Magenta

Eyes: White (Pupil is a black oval)

Creator: KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart

Vocaloid Item: A red handled Swithcblade/knife

Vocaloid Item (Fruit): Pomegrante

About Hageshi, KureijiEdit

Kureiji is one the many fanmade creations of KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart that was the first to have gotten there own Wiki about them. "The idea of coming up with her," said by her creator "is that she is suppose to be different fro mthe other vocaloids out there. Most Vocaloid fans know that the Vocaloid software programs have been known to do psycotic or messed up songs one point and are naturally normal. But I changed that with Kureiji. She's a pyschopath who carries around a red handled switchbalde and wears a devious smile with soul less eyes." (KurisuXGrellSutcliff on deviantart)

Kureiji doesn't have any major songs out yet but she has made her own cameos. Her first cameo was in a fan created video by KurisuXGrellSutcliff made with one true media. It featured Kureeji in a still animation playing to Kiru Meikane's version of "Rugrat's Theory". The video has not been made public yet but KurisuXGrellSutcliff hopes that he will have thought up of a voice for her by the time he makes another video featuring her.

Kureiji was first made on May 26th, 2012.


Her personality consists of the basics of a psychopath. She is mischievious, carefree, loves to play around with people with her own twisted games for them and at certain times has a blood lust.

Kureiji's love interest's are for men, but she's never afraid to swing for the same team at times. Her creator, KurisuXGrellSutcliff, has decided to create a love interest between his character, Kureiji, with his friend, Spades Joker (on deviantart), Utauloid character H e l l o. Kureiji and H e l l o's relationship is a lovve-hate kind of one. She has the things for H e l l o and always likes to mess around with him because H e l l o isn't all that into her. Or so he thinks...

The two tend to get into radical discussions and even once Kureiji tried forcing H e l l o to marry her by tying him up and taking him to a church where she had all of H e l l o and her friends watch the wedding. Of course H e l l o objected to this and the wedding was off. Kureiji was disappointed but she still likes to mess with H e l l o as showing him that's her way of affection.

Words or sayings associated with her: Edit

"Purple haired temptress" "Pyschopathic diva" "Soulless girl" "Damned girl from hell" "Sextress" "Psycho B**** (Said by H e l l o to Kureiji on their wedding day)"

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